WORLD HEART DAY: Why Hypertension is Fast Killing in Nigeria- Dr Ojo

30th September,2021

Collins Dupson

The Chief Medical Director of Mao Hospital Ltd, Dr Michael Ayodele Ojo has disclosed that there is high rate of death caused by hypertension in Nigeria because of the socio-economic challenges and life style of many Nigerians.

He made this disclosure while chatting with the PATH in his office in Akure, Ondo State Capital.

World Heart Federation created World Heart Day being celebrated every September 29 with aim of increasing awareness of Cardiovascular Disease (CVD). CVD remains the world’s number one killer, resulting in over 18 million deaths in a year.

Dr Ojo said hypertension is rampant in the country due to the ways people live their lives on daily basis, saying the current economic situation in the country will no doubt increase blood pressure as both the rich and poor have a lot of things to battle with.

He noted that excitement and anxiousness rises blood pressure as many people are living above their means and venturing into activities that tend to cut their lives short.

” It is more advisable for people to do things within their means of livelihood rather than embarking on life threatening activities. People should inculcate habit of planning and stop pursuing what may lead to high blood pressure”.

He further said that, hypertension is a serious medical condition that significantly increases the risk of heart, brain, kidney and other diseases.

The CMD said Nigeria is one of those country whose health services primarily focus on treating infectious disease while neglecting non communicable condition which is on the increase as of recent.

He stated that exercise could only be effective in reducing hypertension when people become less excited and live within their means without putting a lot in their mind.

Mao CMD advised people to go for regular check up and seek doctor advise before embarking on exercise to know the level of their fitness, saying a lot of people have died while exercising due to poor state of health.

He said smoking did not cause heart disease but one of the things that lead to it as it affects the heart through the nicotine inside the cigarette which often lead to perspiration.

” Chain smokers find it difficult to stop smoking cigars due to habit and addiction despite the warning from the manufacturer that smokers are liable to die young”.

Meanwhile, Dr Ojo commended state governors who have mandated every of its citizens to take Covid-19 vaccine, saying government has a duty to protect the lives of its citizens.

He advised Nigerians to ignore lies flying on social media and statement that seems to discredit the vaccine, noting that to prevent the spread of the virus and maintain healthy environment, everyone must be vaccinated.

” There is no drug or vaccine that does not has side effect. Malaria drug has side effects to some people; does that stop people from taking it? Let everyone ensures he or she takes the jab for the collective interest and safety of all”.

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