Volunteer Group Sparks Student Alliance to Bolster Rising Star, Otunba Akingboye

A formidable alliance between a Volunteer Group led by PDP former House of Assembly Aspirant, Hon. Bosede Agbaje and youth organizers is fueling gubernatorial hopeful Otunba Bamidele Akingboye’s insurgent campaign.

Agbaje, a former House of Assembly aspirant now serving as Akingboye’s lead supporter owing to her public disposition to the Akingboye project has mobilized her group in synergy with widespread student support behind the most consistent PDP aspirant.

This swelling youth movement was on display Friday as hundreds of impassioned students marched in solidarity with Akingboye’s vision for Ondo.
Agbaje aligned with their conviction with the establishment of status quo that she believes her candidate alone can shake up.

“The current government of Ondo state has failed Ondo’s youth, but Akingboye is ready to elevate this state to greatness,” Agbaje proclaimed.

Along with student organizer Dipo Falobi, her fiery organizing is lending grassroots credibility to Akingboye’s bid to become PDP’s standard-bearer.
With Agbaje amplifying youth voices within party ranks, Akingboye is positioned as a formidable gubernatorial contender.

Now seen as a champion of young Ondonians, his campaign hopes their swelling alliance will ultimately power Akingboye to a historic victory at the polls this November. If so, much credit may be owed to powerbroker Agbaje for sparking a student political movement around this rising star.

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