Birthday Cheers To Barr Felix Alonge; Epitome of Humility

By Collins Dupson 15th January, 2022

No matter how smart, successful, good looking or special you are, nobody likes a braggard; nobody likes arrogance; nobody likes cockiness. Humility and vulnerability make one’s more likeable. The constant humility displays by Barr Felix Kolawole Alonge was in-born because a proud can learn humility but he will be proud of it.

Good leaders are the noble men and women of this generation with the responsibility of leading the majority populace; celebrating them in a world tinted by injustice, selfishness and inhumane tendencies is a kind gesture worth the effort, especially on their birthday. Barr Felix Alonge is one of the little good leaders in Ondo State that needs to be celebrated. Everything about him speaks quality leadership, it’s an honour for younger generation to learn from this great son of Akoko Land.

On 15 January, a leader, a mentor, and philanthropist was born in Oka Akoko, Akoko South West of Ondo State. Not only did earth rejoices but heavy rejoiced on the birth of this great icon. His birthday was significant and share date with the remembrance of the country’s fallen heroes. By all standards, Barrister Alonge is a hero that needs to be celebrated for his services to humanity while still alive.

He has paid his dues, sacrificed a lot in the development of humanity and posterity will continue to judge his good works. While in active civil service, his contributions to the development of the sector has no doubt written his name in the golden book of the state as a retired Permanent Secretary with no record of blemish.

My first encounter with Barrister Felix Alonge was at an award investiture; he was conferred with Award of Excellence by Focus Magazine for his leadership prowess. Out of my many awardees of that day, my spirit was connected with him and being a publisher and Editor of a fast selling magazine in Ondo State, PATH, I decided to featured him in our tabloid. In our course of discussion when the magazine came out, his humility, simplicity and calmness proved his worth as a man with good reputation and integrity; his good heart and character stands him out among his contemporary in the field of politics.

If you call him a promise and time keeper, you are right. Just like his boss, Arakunrin Akeredolu, he will never promise what he can’t afford. Barrister Alonge is “Mr Talk and Do”. He will never look down on you nor belittle you. While some people in his category will make themselves inaccessible, his doors is always open, accommodating and believing everything is possible with determination.

Barrister Alonge is not a desperate politician that want everything at all cost. While others were lobbying for appointment, he was appointed Senior Special Assistant to Mr Governor on Social Investment programmes on a platter of gold. At the assumption of Governor Akeredolu second term in office, many of his colleagues were desperate to be re-appointed but cool headed Alonge was calm, saying lets the Will of God prevail. Without lobbying, again, he was re-appointed back to his office.

He is a team player and respect opinion of others. A man that believes loyalty is 100 percent. His loyalty to the governor is unwavering. The Social Investment Programmes of the state under the watch of Dr Bunmi Ademosu is recording great achievements today because Barr Alonge provided maximum support and cooperation and will never compromise nor do anything contrary to the instructions of the Special Advisers to Mr Governor on intergovernmental Relations, Dr Ademosu.

Alonge is a man of destiny that no mortal can pull down. Are we to talk of his mentorship? He has mentored many people and never tire of lifting the young ones up. No wonder, he enjoys the support and loves of his people.

To many young lads, Alonge is a role model whose life is worthy of emulation. Talking of his humility, hardworking, diligence, accommodating and excellence; what else, all these sterling qualities endear many people to him? By all standards, he has contributed bountifully to the state within his own little capacity. His name has been written in the famous Hall of Fame as a great achiever who contributions will forever remain evergreen.

As he celebrates this year birthday in good health, May God continue spare his life and give him long life and sound health. To the young ones, humility is the key to greatness. If you want to goes far in life, you must humble yourself. Happy Birthday to Barr Felix Kolawole Alonge from the Management and Staff of PATH NEWS & EVENTS MAGAZINE. Cheers.

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