Allen Sowore’s Leaders & The Dance To No Songs & Drums

The most valuable thing to an individual is his or her dignity. Dignity is fluid. It allows for the holder to mould for his or her purpose. It does not resist any resetting.

There is always the chance to reset boundaries, restore image, start afresh with renewed values and rebuild the past.

The same way, pain, even as a pesky part of being human, has a way of being avoided because of the inherent influence of healing- the closest thing that gives joy.

The above paragraphs are very appropriate, in my view, to describe the viisible pain of Allen Sowore who found himself on the ego trip of a self deluding master.

How and why he found himself there aren’t the issues here. However, the reality remains that the freedom to make choices does not vitiate the presence and potency of consequences. Allen made his choices and therefore, could not insulate himself from those choices.

It is no longer strange to see Allen Sowore jump onto the opinion box to raise spurious issues especially, as long as Governor Akeredolu is involved. Not only does he struggle to find a space for himself and his deluded paymaster under the guise of strange activism. He uses uncouth and most discourtious language in his commentaries that have lost steam and touch.

My focus is on the latest attempt by Allen and his paymaster to impugn and insensitively, portray Governor Akeredolu’s personality in the light of the demise of his Chief of Protocol, Tosin Ogunbodede, Esq.

Ordinarily, the cruel and mindless effort to mock the dead, and the trajectory of expression of pains in varied dimensions from the camp of Allen ‘s leader or leaders, manifest the inherent influence of darkness over them. In particular, the puerile attempt to play politics with the unfortunate incident of the CoP’s death calls for concern.

There is no doubt, it is futile to make efforts to convince a cowardly but determined wicked few to change their sterotyped mindset about any situation. However, the innocent and unsuspecting reading public deserves to be spared of a narrative that spins lies fed by endless wallow in pains.

For emphasis, the statement issued by the Honourable Commissioner for Information and Orientation was explicit and clear enough. Only those in the ilk of Allen and his leaders would warp the statement to suit their purposes and motive that are unhidden. Clearly, it does appear the statement halted the trajectory of their narrative as soon as the accident that led to the death of the CoP was reported.

If the low intelligence and intellectual deficiencies of these self-idolators who spin through an Allen came to the fore in a statement that emanated from them three days after the CoP’s demise, the latest spin by their usual carrier depicts a rather tragically static but disorientated mind.

Does anyone, if at all their narrative made sense, need to travel from Akure to Ibadan just to brief his Principal on the activities for the New Year? The fact of their failed mission to corner governance through diabolic means has indeed, diminished if not eroded the most simple possibility of such ‘briefings’ with the help of technology.

If higher officers such as the Secretary to Government, Chief of Staff, Head of Service and even Cabinet members communicate with the Governor through telephone conversations and mails, commonsense was most unkind not to have interceded on behalf of Allen and his masters who are still in pain over their ignoble past and unholy paths.

Perhaps too, the most unhelpful route taken by these treacherous men of unclean hearts is the attempt to demonize the annual Thanksgiving and Praise Service usually conducted on the first working day of the week to herald the New Year.

To those who believe in the dark clouds of the Satanic world as expressed by taken and his leaders, Herbalists in political garbs, it made no sense that the Praise Service held. Our incurable faith in God tells us the Service made ALL SENSE.

The cancellation of the Praise Service would have been the most effective way to water the seeds of evil and herald the triumph of darkness represented by Allen and his leader over light the State. God forbid!

One can therefore, only emphatise with these known agents of darkness if they do not understand the potency of Praise Service. Such are not meant for Herbalists to understand. Only God-fearing people do.

With regards to the issue raised by the camp of the time keepers in respect of the Deputy Speaker’s official vehicles, there are several reasons their pains are understandably, palpable and space-occupying. The last kicks as February 24 approaches. One can only wish them well as they pursue their case with respect to the Office of the Deputy Speaker of the State Assembly.

Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Odunayo Akeredolu, SAN does not require to explain to the world who he is and what he represents in the legal profession. May our ways and forced desires to be what we lack capacity to be, not ridicule us.


Oluwasegun Ajiboye
Chief Press Secretary to the Governor

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