WORLD WATER DAY: Akure NSE Chairman, Engr Ezekiel Oloruntola Tasks Nigerians on Water Conservation

3rd April 2021

Engr Ezekiel Oloruntola, the chairman of Nigerian Society of Engineer (NSE), Akure Chapter said there is need to effectively safeguard water, saying it values to humanity cannot be underestimated.

UNESCO declared 22nd of March every year to celebrate water and raise awareness of the global crisis. The 2021 theme was tagged, “VALUING WATER”.

The Chairman said, NSE is a proffessional body and stakeholder in the development of Water Resources, adding that it is not out of place to join in the celebration of the World Water Day as declared by UNESCO.

In the spirit of celebrating World Water Day, Engr Ezekiel Oloruntola presented a paper titled ” Valuing Water As God Endowed Resources”. The paper presentation was done at the General Meeting of the association held at NSE Akure Chapter Secretariat.

While presenting the paper, Engr Oloruntola said the main focus of UNESCO is to support achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: Water and Sanitation For All By 2030.

Engr Oloruntola stated that, the 2021 World Water Day theme is about what water means to everyone, its important to people’s homes and family, livelihood, cultural practices, well being and local environment.

He said analysing all different ways water has benefitted people’s lives, there is need to value water properly and safeguard it effectively for everyone. ” Don’t waste, don’t destroy and don’t mismanage it. Whoever does this is an enemy of God and humanity’.

He disclosed that, water is the most important raw material for civilization and life blood of our economy, saying about one-fifth of the nation’s economy would ground to a halt without a reliable and clean source of water.

” Domestic water use is probably the most important use of water for most people. I am yet to see a house that can exist without the use of water”.

Engr Oloruntola stated further that, water manifests itself uniquely in different cultures, making it highly valued across all cultures. ” We we universally recognise the significance of water for human life, each culture also has its own way of symbolising that value’.

He continued by stating the health value of water, noting that keeping hydrated is crucial for health and well being. ” We need water to survive and we feel better when we drink it regularly”.

The Chairman noted that the environmental values of water cut across board saying water nourish entire ecosystems and provide important habitat for native plants and animals.

” Healthy rivers carry water to homes, farms, schools and businesses. Water for the environment is an important tool to ensure these natural systems survive and thrive for the benefit of all”.

He also stressed the spiritual value of water which has been used to communicate the sacred value of life. ” The spiritual dimension of purification, protection and healing; and the profound meaning of suffering and redemption in human life”.

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