Where are the self acclaimed Front Runner Online and Local Media in Ondo State? The News Breakers. Are they on vacation? Why the sudden muteness in the reportage of the voice note of a wailing First Lady which has gone viral? Are they still in doubt about the authenticity of the voice note? Probably, they are still waiting for confirmation and authorization from Ada Owere. Abi, the voice note is not news worthy?

Before now, social media ought to have been agoged with different headlines on the revelation of the First Lady but unfortunately, most of the online operators and local media went to sleep, turning blind eyes to the news story. Could it be that order from the above has stopped my courageous colleagues from writing what should be a front cover story? Killing the story was of no use as Her Excellency voice note has damaged the reputation of the first family. The exchibit is everywhere.

I doubt if all the media in Ondo State are under the payroll of the State Government. Even most of the national dailies didn’t have the courage to break the Media content freely released by the First Lady. To those that reported, the story was relayed from the angle of the State Publicity Secretary of the People’s Democratic party, Ikantu Peretei who focused on the looting allegation leveled against Olubunmi Ademosu.

Journalists have the moral obligation to inform the public and report News items without taking sides. We are known to be courageous, bold and always stand with the common masses.

While the people of the State are praying for quick recovery of our dear Governor, “the go and enjoy your loot” statement credited to the First Lady should be established and investigated; it was never a slip of tougue but statement of fact from Ada Owere. As an insider, she must come with a proof to show how Dr Olubunmi Ademosu and others looted the treachery as she wouldn’t have looted alone. The right thinking members of the public that hold Ademosu in high esteem have begun to think otherwise with this graveous statement. Ademosu must come out of her shell to defend herself and proof the First Lady wrong otherwise, her silence would mean yes to all the allegations.

The First Lady voice note has shown that all is not well with the First Family; probably, Arabirin could no longer stomach the excesses of the so called powerful SA, and unfortunately, she threw caution into the wind.

I am not sympathetic with neither Arabirin nor Mama Sure-P, but to my Governor whose name has been dragged into this shameful mess of claims of ownership. The Office of the Governor must be respected by all irrespective of status. “Leave My Husband Alone” Outburst is a private affair that should be kept private.

The people of Ondo State care less about the private affair of Mr Governor and his family but care about his wellness. Arakunrin has tried his best in the last 6 years and the people of the State are yearning for more dividend of democracy rather than feeding the public with gabbage. No sane person washes his or her dirty linen outside. Concortion or No Concortion, I stand with whoever is walking towards helping Mr. Governor to regain his strength.

And to those scheming to be governor or Deputy, they should wait for their time. No weapon fashion against Aketi shall prosper. It is only God that gives and takes life. Aketi is a destiny child and God’s project in Ondo State, let no mortal dares the anointed son of God.

The people of Ondo State are watching and waiting to see how Ada Owere will deal” Mercilessly” with Ademosu as threatened in the viral voice note as an Igbo woman. Voice, they say is an egg, once broken, can never be retrieved. To Mama SIP, Mama SURE-P, Mama School Feeding, stay clear of Ada Owere husband and let every engagement with the Governor be purely official. Arabirin has spoken. If you are trying to save the life of the Governor and his wife is thinking otherwise, please Madam, step aside.

For the audio note of the Akure Youth Leader, Tuyi alleging that some people have been recruited to carry placards to insult and destroy Ademosu property, if there’s any such plan, it must stop. Akure is peaceful and nothing should be done to truncate the peaceful relationship among all tribes in the state capital.

Mr Governor, my prayer is for you, and the people of Ondo State will continue to pray for your quick recovery. Let all parties allow sleeping dog to lie.

DCOL write from Akure.

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