Saturday 25th of February is the D-Day, a day that will determine the future of good governance in Nigeria. In the last eight years, the pertinent question you should ask yourself is, have I fare well under the present APC led government at both the state and federal levels? The blame of maladministration and bad governance should not be left in the door step of the president alone, what of your representative at both the State and National Assemblies? Have they live up to expectations?

Sentiments apart, it is important to understand the issues in the election and benefits of voting the right political party; in Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency in the last four years, what has been the positive impact of the lawmaker representing the people? It is only foolishness that will make someone to make the same mistake twice. The good people of Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency can’t be cajoled or blindfolded again with unrealistic and fictitious promises, they have seen that the current Lawmaker lack the skill, courage and intellectual capacity to deliver dividend of democracy to them.

In this 21st century, politics should go beyond personal gains and interest but of the credentials of the candidate that has the wherewithal to deliver dividend of good governance and someone driven by thirst for development for his people.

As we go to poll on 25th February, we must understand that to enjoy dividend of democracy, they must make deliberate decision and vote wisely for the candidate of the People Democratic party, Hon Festus Akingbaso who has been tested and can be trusted.

Hon FessyWest is not contesting the federal seat to accumulate wealth, but desire to change the narrative that nothing good can come out of Nigeria but determined to prove a point that dividend of democracy is possible with good and right person in the position of authority. This Idanre born politician has overtime proven that he has what it takes to provide qualitative representation.

On like many of our representatives, FessyWest is not a push over or bench warmer at the Assembly despite coming from minority party at the State Assembly, he weided strong influence that has affected the lives of the people of Idanre State Constituency. While his major contender in the race is bragging of using fake soldiers and political thugs to unleash terror on the citizens of the federal constituency before, during and after election, FessyWest is building his electoral victory on the overwhelming support and growing popularity from the people of the constituency who have vowed to stand and defend their votes against all odds.

It is only an empty barrel that makes noise; FessyWest has a lot to campaign with before he joined active politicking and while also serving in different capacities as Council Chairman, OSOPADEC member and currently as outstanding Member of the State House of Assembly.

As the people of Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency go to poll on the 25th February, they should consider the programmes FessyWest is bringing on board once voted into the Green Chamber.

What distinguishes him from the current occupant is the education, agriculture, infrastructure, social welfare, culture and tourism, environmental among other programmes that will ameliorate the suffering of the people.

Education is the best rock of any society, the incoming MHR will ensure proper legislation that will enhance quality education facilities in primary, post primary and tertiary levels; facilitation of intervention programmes for existing and upcoming schools in our federal constituency. Teaching Aids, equipping of Laboratory and rehabilitation of classrooms will be prioritized.

ICT will be prioritized across the Federal Constituency; rejigging of sports activities in school shall be pursued with vigour, stipends to assist our students will be enhanced further.

The people of the federal constituency are farmers, it falls within his programme to provide massive supports for the people in the agriculture business as inputs shall be facilitated for them in abundance which include improved or hybrid seedling, chemical and fertilizers, periodic training for farmers and encourage youth to embrace modern farming.

Rural electrification using different platforms will be prioritized across the constituency. In his 4 year term, he will facilitate road constructions using MDAs and the constructions will be impactful, durable and built to match its purpose across the Federal Constituency.

Water projects will receive more attention across the Federal Constituency, prioritizing health facilities, building of modern football playing pitch of FIFA standard in each of the Local Governments. Idanre Hill and Isarun Ash will receive more attention to boost tourism industry aside modification and branding of festivals to get global recognition.

Major rivers, tributaries, banks and runoff that are endemic to flooding will receive necessary attentions as our constituents will enjoy massive environmental intervention projects.

FessyWest will use the available MDAs and international supports to assist his constituents to generate wealth and ensures most of the Government intervention programmes will be made available for the people across boards.

With these and many programmes, the ball is now in the court of the people of the federal constituency to cast their votes for man that “Sabi Road”, their time to make the right choice is now and they must not miss this golden opportunity of electing Hon Festus Akingbaso to the Green Chamber.

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