Saturday Poll: Don’t Vote Along Ethnic, Religious Lines, Vote Competence, Integrity, Dr lkubese Tells Voters

By Dupson Collins, 22nd February, 2023

The Founder and Convener of YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement in Nigeria, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has warned Nigerians to steer clear of religion and ethnic sentiment while voting for their prefer candidates on Saturday.

The Presidential, Senate and House of Representatives Elections are billed to hold on the 25th February, 2023.

In a 4 minutes, 16 seconds live video on his Facebook Account, the CMD of the Sckye Hospitals Ltd read out “Our Daily Value” (ODV) of YesWeFit Manual to guard Voters on what to consider before casting their ballot.

His words: “when you are going to vote on Saturday, it shouldn’t be because the candidate is from your tribe, religion or you stand to gain something when the candidate get to office”.

The Value 5 of the YesWeFit Manual read:
” I shall be actively involved in the local politics of my environment by voting and seeking to be voted for. I shall not be lackadaisical to the local politics of my environment as the choice of leadership that emerges thereof with rob off on governance and quality of life in my constituency. Where I support a candidate, it shall be of the ground of competence devoid of religious, tribal sentiment with no expectation for peculiar gain”.

While the Value 6 stated that, ” Selflessness in Service: whenever I hold political office or any leadership position, I shall not use it for any personal advantage but selflessly to serve the people. The essence of political office is to render service and not to amass wealth; I shall therefore not seek to occupy public office with intention of looting public treasury or enriching myself and my associates”.

Dr Wilson asked voters to look at the credentials of the leading candidates that have occupied one position or another before now that has either use the position to amass wealth or use it to serve the country diligently before casting their votes.

” Of all the leading candidates along the party’s line, which of them has the characteristics stated in the Value 6 of the YesWeFit Manual. Those who have not used their offices in the past to amass wealth; those who have shown selflessness in offices they have occupied before now”.

He noted that, the country is at its lowest ebb, adding that if Nigerians got it wrong at the poll on Saturday, it will definitely spell doom for the country, saying getting it right, Nigeria will be at the verge of building a nation that the country will be proud of.

“As we are approaching election, Nigeria is at its lowest ebb; if we get it wrong this time, we will never have a nation call Nigeria but if we get it right, we will be at the verge of building a nation that you and I can be proud of”.

He further reiterated the need for every voter to shun religious, tribal and monetary gains directly or indirectly but consider the character, integrity, vision and capacity of the candidate if only they are desirable of getting Nigeria of their dream.

“As you go to the poll to cast your vote on Saturday, don’t do so because someone has given you money to vote for their party; don’t do so because the candidate is from your tribe or you stand to gain something directly or indirectly when he gets to office but do it because such candidate gets character, integrity, vision, capacity to be able to make a new nation of your dream”.

“I believe after Saturday Poll, you and I will come back to say, thank God, we have a new nation which will only happen if you vote right and vote the right person”. He stated.

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