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By Collins Dupson, 14th January, 2022

….. Advocates for Better Representation in Ondo North

Ahead of the 2023, a lot of political permutations and calculations have begun, not only in Ondo State alone but in every part of the country. Politics should ordinarily be about the people; welfare of the people and providing better services to the people but reverse is the case in Nigeria where politics is all about the welfare of some group of peoples at the detriment of the teeming populace. Criticizing government alone won’t change the narrative but joining the mainstream politics and contribute ones quota.

Prince Foluso Adefemi Mayowa joined active politics some years back with interest and focus on how to strengthen the nascent democratic ethos of the state, thereafter using the platform to serve his people in whatever capacity that will bring dividend of democracy to their door steps.

His mission is good representation for the people of the Ondo North Senatorial District and his vision is a representation where integrity, transparency, accountability and the interest of the people will take priority, this led him to active politics. He has always been at forefront championing the call for equity and fairness for his people.

“Dangote” as fondly called reasons that Ondo State is now at a precipice of the ruling APC, there is need to change the leadership across the senatorial districts. The representative of the people at the National Assembly are more of bench warmers and rubber stamp with nothing to shows for several years of sitting at the Red Chamber.

With the current challenges bestowed on the people by the ruling APC across all levels, there is urgent need to rise to the occasion and rescue Ondo State; the only credible and tested platform to drive the rescue mission is the People’s Democratic Party.

While leading over 10,000 supporters to the opposition People’s Democratic Party, Prince Foluso Mayowa Adefemi said the only party with capacity to rescue the nation is the PDP, noting that the umbrella of the party is big to accommodate every progressive minded person that wants good for Nigeria.

He said his defection is the beginning of new things to come in Ondo State, saying he joined the party to contribute his best quota to the political spectrum of the state and also to add value to already existing structure on ground.

” We are not politicians that will promise what we can’t fulfill; I am very committed to PDP as we have collapsed the structure of ADP to PDP. This is a sincere merger and we are looking forward to a robust relationship with our new party”.

Prince Foluso assured his supporters of inclusiveness and constructive engagements, saying he will continue to build humanity and make his people self-reliance and independent.

“Ever since I joined active politics in 2015, I have contested under APC and my contributions to the party were there for everyone to see. We want to show example on how to govern the people and bring dividends of democracy to the people’s door steps”.

Dangote recognizes the fact that, to change the narrative of bad representation in Ondo North, there is need to stand up to challenges bedeviling his people. With next general election slated for 2023, mediocre politician must stop leading the people, saying his people deserve better.

The advocacy for better representation and need to rescue his people from poverty, stagnation, mis-govenance and bad representation led him to the PDP. To rescue Ondo State putting his senatorial district into consideration, he needs a strong platform that is generally acceptable to the people.

Having seen the deceit of APC with its change mantra that collapsed every sector in the country, Prince Mayowa pitched his tent with Action Democratic Party (ADP). Leaving ADP with his supporters to the PDP was a strategic moves designed to rescue Ondo North from poor representative. The PDP as a party has no introduction with structures cut across the 203 wards of the state.

Prince Foluso Adefemi Mayowa was born into a humble family of Mr. & Mrs. Adefemi Wuraola Peters on 29th January, 1967. Foluso Adefemi started his very early life at Afin-Akoko, Ondo State. He attended St. Lukes Primary School, Afin-Akoko. He later proceeded to Lagos state where he continued his primary school education at St Judes Primary School at Freeman street, Ebute Meta, Lagos, between 1975-1981. Foluso proceeded to Nigerian Peoples High School, in Ebute Meta, Lagos. He was later enrolled at Igasi/Eriti grammar school in Ondo State where he finished his secondary school and graduated in the year 1986. Foluso Adefemi later proceeded to Lagos State University where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Guardians and Counseling.

He later secured a job with MI Plast Nig.Ltd and then to Sosaplast, one of the leading plastic making companies in Africa as at that time. He was regarded as one of the best black technicians in the company. Due to his passion for making a change, Foluso championed the cause to set up a staff union which was not in existence in the company. He believed over 900 Nigerian workers in the company deserved better welfare than they were getting. With the help of Nigerian Labour Congress in the zone, he was able to achieve that, even though it cost him to lose his job without any compensation.

Things got so tough but that didnt demoralize him, it rather motivated him. He later had to take a security job at National Dock Labour Board, where he worked for five years without pay. He kept moving on undeterred and it was at that point he realized he had to do something for himself. He later had an idea to start carting garbage from vessels, moving from ship to ship to seek jobs until this idea started earning him good money and then he set up his first company called Citi Multinational Ltd in the year 2001.

Foluso also set up Union Maritime Agency Ltd in 2002 which currently has tentacles in six (6) African countries and still spreading. He has grown to become a successful business man, heading Blue Chips Company.

Foluso has always been passionate about a better Nigeria, a better Ondo State, and a better Ondo North in particular. He was a strong member of the Anti-Bribery Corruption and Crime Council of Nigeria (which was founded by Chief Nnamdi Azikwe, Prince Ajani Adeyemi and six (6) other eminent Nigerians) in 1960.

The Anti Bribery corruption and crime council of Nigeria which was under the leadership of the Late Prince Ajani Adeyemi was changed to National Anti-Corruption Organization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 1990 by then President Ibrahim Babangida. Foluso was then appointed the chairman of the Lagos State Command by Prince Kola Adeyemi which he took up the post for four (4) years. He rose from the rank of Assistant Investigator (an equivalent of inspector of police) to Principal Investigator (which is an equivalent of Commissioner of Police) within the organization.

The National Anti-Corruption Organization of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, now defunct has been replaced by the EFCC (Economy and Financial Crimes Commission) by the Federal Government in order to take full control and the Management of the Organization. This led to the splitting of the former Anti-Corruption Organization of Federal Republic of Nigeria into two, Anti-Corruption and Awareness Crusaders led by Prince Kola Adeyemi, (son of the founder, Prince Ajani Adeyemi) and Global Anti-Corruption Initiative of which Foluso Adefemi currently head as Director General.

Foluso is a lover of sports, which later culminated into his being elected as the chairman of the Lagos State Gymnastics Association. He was later elected the President of the Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria. He serves the Gymnastics Federation of Nigeria for good twelve (12) years as board member for 4(years) and as president for 8(years) during which he continued his quota to the development of the GFN including paying all necessary affiliation fees both in Africa as well as to affiliated bodies in the world.

Hes equally a member of Nigeria Olympic Committee, Committee Member, Gymnastics for All in Africa. He is a philanthropist, who gives freely to the poor. His passion is to ensure that every child he comes across has basic education till university level and always finds a way to impact the lives of both young and hold in all possible ways. This can be established in his progressive contributions towards his community(Akoko), Ondo State, and Nigeria as a whole.

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