The Ondo State All Progressive Congress (APC) Chairman, Engr Ade Adetimehin has allegedly been fingered in the Scuttled meeting of the Ondo APC Elders Caucus which ought to have hold at NUJ Press Centre, Akure.

In a letter written to the Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties, Dr Doyin Odebowale by the Secretary of the APC ELDERS’ CAUCUS, Otunba Agboola Kelly expressed total disappointment in the leadership of Engr Adetimehin.

Otunba Kelly said NUJ Press Center Hall was duly paid for by the Elders Caucus but the APC State Chairman allegedly scutlled the meeting. ” Our Meeting which was to hold on 16th October, 2023 at NUJ Press Center, Akure upon payment with a duly signed official receipt issued in the name of the APC Elders Caucus was prevented from holding”

The Letter Read:
I wish to correct the deliberate falsehood purportedly sold to you yesterday about the intentions behind the scuttled ONDO STATE APC ELDERS’ CAUCUS Steering Committee Meeting, which was to hold at the NUJ Press Center Hall.

The scuttled meeting was to hold in Dr Akerele’s residence, but Engr Adetimehin scared the Elder into withdrawing his residence as Venue. This was on Saturday and invites had already gone out, hence the recourse to use the NUJ Hall.

Receipt for payment of NUJ Hall

It wasn’t a Press Conference affair at all. It was our normal Elders meeting which has been holding even before our Arakunrin became Governor. It was the same meeting that our Governor took the proverbial “AGBA ILE”blessings from in 2016 before proceeding to Ore for the opening campaign.

Engr Adetimehin had never wanted the Elders to exist within our party and had over the years prevented us from getting any dividends of the democracy we fought for, which he is profiting from today, even more than our Governor. This denial was spitefully done glaringly, that our Governor recoursed to dealing with our ELDERS’ CAUCUS DIRECTLY through the COS. At various times, our Governor had allowed the SSG to attend our meetings to know our plight.

The distinguished ELDERS who had signified their intentions to attend, include our Governor’s Chief T. S. Akinrinbla, Pa Osedimbola, our BOT Member, Chief Jamiu Ekungba, Elder Tokunbo Ajasin, all of who are avowed dedicated loyalists of our Governor.

Among those who were being expected too from the various LGAs, include among other notable Elders were Dr Terebo, Col Rtd Apata, Gen Oyeneyin, Barr Ajana SAN, former Rt Hon Speaker Agbonmuserin, Kenneth Olawale, Oloyelogun etc.

Engr Adetimehin has and know the list but deliberately employed falsehood to mess this category of important Leaders of our party intentionally and to silence their voices, because HE REGARDS HIMSELF AS THE DEMI-GOD, THE DICTATOR, THE ALMIGHTY VOICE OF ONDO STATE APC. What a mirage.

Engr Adetimehin, never wanted anybody from our party to have access to our Governor for his selfish reasons. An independent investigation by you will confirm this.

Now, the scuttled meeting, which I had earlier discussed with him was to achieve the following
(1) Choosing of ELDERS’ Delegation to book an appointment to visit our Governor, who before and since his sickness have been the prayer point of the ELDERS’ PRAYER TEAM LED BY DEACONESS ABIGAIL OGUNGBADE from Akure South.

(2) To choose a powerful Delegation of acknowledged National figures within our fold to embark on reconciliation and finding peaceful resolutions to the various disaffections within our Sunshine State created through inordinate ambitions by a few and the deliberate discord planted among the generality of our party members by Engr Adetimehin for reasons best known to him.

The SA, Hon Dr Adebowale aka Chief Priest, as a son of Oodua, you too will agree with the Yoruba adage that says that “AGBA KI NWA L’OJA KI ORI OMO TUNTUN WO” has been the role of our ELDERS’ CAUCUS since the inception of our great Party, APC, and we will continue to play this God given role, and will never allow the antics of Engr Ade Adetimehin to distract, discourage or stop us. With God we stand.

Sincerely yours.
Otunba Agboola KELLY.

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