Nigeria’s system doesn’t encourage accountability, transparency- Dr Ikubese

By Dupson Collins, 2nd May, 2023

An Ex Presidential Aspirant, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese has stated that Nigeria’s system doesn’t encourage accountability and transparency which is the bane of backwardness of the country.

Dr Wilson who was the Chief Launcher at the Annual Lecture and Award of the Sunshine Standard Magazine held in Ondo State Capital, Akure disclosed that for Nigeria to get it right, the followers must change their attitude of overburden those in position of authority.

The theme of the lecture delivered by a University Don, Dr Gbenga Abimbola was tagged ” Moving Nigeria Forward: the lmperatives of Accountability and Transparency in Governance”.

Speaking with the PATH, Ikubese said until the people begin to expect less from the political leaders and the politicians stop selling their property to get to office, accountability and transparency in governance will continue to be a mirage.

” The attitude of the people making unnecessary and frivolous demands, thereby overburden the political leaders encourage corruption, stealing and embezzlement of public fund; to meet up with these daily demands, they engage in fraudulent act at the detriment of the country’s development”.

The CMD of Sckye Hospitals Ltd further added that for any leader to perform and hold accountable, the expectations should be less and their office less attractive to have the best brain at the helms of the states and country’s affairs.

He equally affirmed that followership is one of the major problems confronting Nigeria, noting that both the leaders and followers have roles to play to make the system work.

He charged the incoming administration to run an all inclusive government that is selfless rather than dominating his cabinet with cronies and supporters who helped him to power.

“ I hope there is fruitful transition by May 29th; the new President must ensure an all-inclusive government, taking cognizance of geographical, religious, and ethnic balance among others”

“Nigeria populace are looking forward to a selfless government that will serve all Nigerians and not serving people that put them in office”, Ikubese stated.

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