killing of two Butchers: Survivor Recounts How Suspected Herdsmen Lured Them Into The Bush

By Collins Dupson,16th November,2021

Bodies of two of the butchers reportedly kidnapped by suspected herdsmen had been found inside the bush by a team led by the police.

Recounting his ordeal, Nasiru Jamiu, the only surviving victim injured butcher narrated how the suspected fulani herdsmen lured them into the bush before they perpetrated their evil act.

Nasiru Jamiu said “ The Fulani people that use to sell cows to my boss called him to come and buy cows. Though he had been selling cows to him before, it has been long before they both transacted business.

We first went to the place on Saturday but the place was a long journey and my boss asked us to come back that he did not feel like going.

The guy kept disturbing him and convinced him that they would bring the cows to a nearby.

So when he was called yesterday, they told us that some people would come and meet us at Ala town before we would proceed to where the cows were kept.

On getting to ala, we took them to where the cows were and asked us to park our vehicles so that they could move the cows to the main road.

They entered into the bush while four of us were waiting beside the vehicle. Surprisingly they returned with guns and started shooting to the air. They kidnapped my boss inside the bush.

Three of us left were tried to run for our lives but as I was macheted, I fell and pretended as if I had died.

When I later realised no one was there again and I discovered that I was still alive, it was then I stood up and was running around the bush.

It was only my boss I saw kidnapped but the other two of us ,we still don’t know their whereabouts till now. Maybe they later kidnapped them too ,we are not certain.”

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