Why APC Should field Dr. Olumuyiwa Daramola as the candidate of the party in Irele/Okitipupa Federal Constituency

Since the conventional rotation of the House of Representatives’ Seat has gone round the three state constituencies that make up the Irele/Okitipupa Federal Constituency, and considering the fact that the electorates are tired of the nonperformance of the opposition currently occupying the federal constituency’s seat, it behoves our dear party, APC to pick her best and most acceptable aspirant at the primary to slug it out with the opposition.

It is not an exaggeration to say that Dr. Olumuyiwa Daramola’s empathy and life transforming impacts across Irele/Okitipupa Federal Constituency remain unmatched by his counterparts or co-contestants. Even the current occupant of the seat from the opposition party, with the peoples resources at his disposal, cannot boast of beating Dr. Daramola’s record in community and human capacity development, as it is today. All these said developments funded from his personal pulse are not only on papers, but evidently visible, and the beneficiaries still well alive.

With Dr. Daramola, a man of the people whose impacts cannot even be denied by his greatest rival, as the candidate of the party, we can be assured of a resounding victory at the poll, come 2023.

It should be noted that reliance on financial strength alone and boasting to defeat the opposition at the general election through such, is an old trick, which certainly can not fly. The question to ask ourselves remain is there any contestant who does not know financial resources are needed in an electioneering process? Should the incumbent Representative is fielded by his party again, who says he doesn’t have the resources to counter anyone only boasting of financial resources, without popularity, acceptability and impacts?

It is therefore incumbent and imperative to raise a person who has both the resources, popularity, acceptability, with humility and loyalty to the leaders, to wrest power from the opposition and bring unprecedented dividends to our doorsteps.

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