Valentine’s Day Not For Sexual Immorality, NCWS, EMWI Counsel Young Ladies

14 February, 2021

As the whole world marked Valentine’s Day today, Excel Mankind Wellbeing Initiative (EMWI), a Non-Govemental Organisation in conjunction with the National Council of Women Societies (NCWS) said Valentine’s Day is not day set aside for sexual immorality between male and female genders, saying such evil thought of sexual escapade must be resisted at all cost.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year on the 14 February where people show their affection to the love ones. To celebrate the day, EMWI and NCWS used the day to tutored young lads what Valentine’s Day stands for far from the act of immorality.

NCWS and EMWI condemned the sexual immorality that has come to be associated with Valentine’s Day.

The President of NCWS, Pastor (Mrs) Jumoke Aborode asked women to embrace true and real love be it in politics, business and in their chosen career path.

To Pastor Aborode, love is not between male and female alone, love can exist between two female when trust and commitment is involve. ” In love you must be secured, confident and acceptable; two female in relationships must be secured and have confidence in each other and take each other for what they are”.

She further said, NCWS and EMWI want the youth to understand that St Valentine’s is not about sex nor moving round hotels to do unlawful deed; the dressing must be normal and not dressing half naked to seduce men.

She admonished young girls to guard against unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases that can ruin their future. ” Valentine’s Day is not all about sex as many people especially the youth had come to accept. It is a day of showing love, which does not necessarily mean sex”.

“Valentine’s is not going round to use your body to get money; if you choose to sell your self today as you celebrate Valentine, you will pay more than what you got today, remmenber HIV,Covid 19, and other Sexually Transmitted diseases”.

Pastor Aborode said ladies should protect their love for people that deserves it, saying they should not allow one day lust to overshadow and kill their dreams.

She advised young ladies not to indulge in indiscriminate sexual acts in the name of celebrating Valentine’s Day.

While congratulating women in Ondo state for celebrating and witnessing another Valentine’s Day, she told them that money and sex is not love but show love to everybody they come across in life.

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