OMOJAO: Asamo of Akure celebrates New Yam Festival

In line with the tradition of Akure Land on the eating of new yam, Asamo of Akure falls among the rank of chiefs that celebrates new yam festival in the ancient kingdom.

2021 Yam Festival celebrated by High Chief Rotimi Olusanya Fasae, the Asamo of Akure will for a long time remains talk of the town as more pomp and glamour was added to it.

According to tradition, Asamo’s wives will go to the farm a day preceding the D-Day to the festival to harvest new yam from Asamo farm, while Asamo will be waiting at the palace to welcome them, thereafter bless them with cash on arrival from the farm.

It was a long tradition observed by their forefathers and High Chief Olusanya can’t do otherwise. The annual yam festival is also the period to celebrate Omojao festival.

In a chat with PATH at his palace in Akure, High Chief Fasae observed that Ondo State has enjoyed absolute peace and that the significance of the annual Omojao Festival is to pray for the community to continue to enjoy peace.

According to him, it is a taboo for him and household to eat new yam before Omojao festival, saying the festival heralds the new year and the beginning of the new yam season which is now open to all members of the public.

In attendance were other prominent high chiefs in the community, friends and families all decked in their best attire to celebrate 2021 New Yam/Omojao festival with Asamo.

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