OMOJAHO: Asamo Laments Gradual Extinction of Yoruba Festivals

By Dupson Collins, September 2022

High Chief Rotimi Olusanya Fasae, the Asamo of Akure Kingdom has lamented the gradual extinction of Yoruba Festivals, noting that the imposition of foreign religion and civilization were responsible for the neglect of culture and tradition in Nigeria.

He made this disclosure during his New Yam Festival in Akure. New Yam Festival in Asamo Palace is equally a period of celebrating Omojaho, a festival that span over 1000 years.

Asamo, who is a custodian of tradition, decried gradual extinction of Yoruba culture and traditions, adding that with the civilization of today, it will be disastrous allowing our traditions to go into oblivion in the face of permissiveness.

He warned that many of Yoruba celebrated festivals are facing serious threat by the mad rush of embracing foreign religion at the expense of our culture and traditions.

His words: Our festivals, culture and traditions are our identity. Those that brought Christianity and Islam never throw away their way of life. It is unfortunate that we blindly accept their religion and threw our identity into the dustbin. We see their religion superior to ours and jettisoned our culture’.

Asamo noted that with the rate of neglect of Yoruba Festivals and Culture, in no distance time, our children and youth will only learn about our culture and festivals in books, journals and films.

He tasked Yoruba race not to abandon their rich cultural heritage because of Christianity and Islam. “I am a Christian but that does not stop me from observing festival associated with Asamo’s family. New Yam Festival is just a period of prayer to all sons and daughters of Asamo family”.

He charged the traditional rulers of Yoruba race to be alive to their responsibility of preserving our core values and culture that stand us out among others race.

“We needs cultural rebirth because most of the challenges facing us as a nation are due to the neglect of our tradition; we should begin to value our own”.

Speaking on the Omojaho Festival, High Chief Olusanya said the significance of the annual Omojaho Festival is to pray for the community to continue to enjoy peace and progress among Asamo’s family.

According to him, the festival heralds the New Year and the beginning of the new yam season which is now open to all members of the public.

He charged all sons and daughters of Asamo family to always be part of the annual celebration, saying there is nothing fetish about the festival but a period of prayer.

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