My Last Moment With My Mother- Bunmi Ademosu

.. Says She Will Miss Her Neatness

10 October, 2021
Dupson Collins

Death is inevitable, but no matter the age of your love ones’, we don’t want to lose them; most especially a darling and caring parent who can go to any length because of his/her children.

Late Mrs Ajibike Ojelabi is the mother of Dr Bunmi Ademosu, the Special Adviser to the governor of Ondo State on Intergovernmental Relations. The matriarch of the family died on Saturday 25th, September, 2021, aged 86.

As tradition demands, the seven days funeral program of Late Ajibike Ojelabi was observed by children and families; where friends, political associates and well wishers were all in attendance to celebrate the life and times of the late matriarch.

Speaking with the PATH, Dr Ademosu who was found of her late mother recounted her last moment with her before she took her last breath.

” My mother was an extremely caring woman, extremely loving, accommodating, homely and a very strict disciplinarian. When you say strict, it is strict to the letter”.

Dr Ademosu said that, her being thorough and strict were the traits she inherited from her parents ” Virtually all you see in me is taking from my parents; my father’s too was extremely strict man; my mum, you hear “Omo Teacher”.

” But all the same, I feel fulfilled in the last four years, I have the best of moment in life, that God gave me the opportunity to take care of my mum, to be with her, to even spent her last moment with me.

In her words, ” I could remembered that early morning before l left, I was able to pat her, rest her head on my shoulder, I never knew I won’t see her again. I was on my way to the airport on official assignment; that very morning; I was the one that bathed her, I was still the one that fed her, I still sat down with her, I was like holding on to her hands; she was very fragile and weak, all the doctors were all around her “.

” I was saying the normal oriki, Omoloja Oshodi Anaye, Omo Nigi Sowo and the likes, I was joking but she was extremely weak to give me that smile; but thank God, I feel fulfilled to be with her, care for her till her last breath “.

While speaking further, Ademosu said she will miss her Mother’s neatness, hard working posture and being accommodating.” I will miss her neatness, she couldn’t stand dirt at all, hard working till her last moment and very accommodating”.

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