Medical Expert Charges Birth Attendants on Safe Delivery

By Dupson Collins, 8th August, 2022

A Medical Doctor at the Ondo State University of Medical Science Teaching Hospital (UNIMEDTH), Dr Adewale Oluseyi has charged Birth Attendants in the state on safe delivery.

He was speaking as a Guest Speaker at One Day Workshop organized by the Association of Ordained Mission & Community Birth Attendants (AOMCBA) on Thursday, 4th August, 2022 held NLC House,Akure Ondo State.

The workshop was put together by the AOMCBA to increase the knowledge base of its members on their rights and limitation as ordained birth attendants.

Membership of the association is essentially for ordained birth attendants in different mission houses and groups across the 18 Local Government Area Council of Ondo State.

Dr. Adewale Oluseyi, a Gynecologist urged birth attendants to know their limitations and when to refer their patients to clinics.

He said the moment they recognise pregnancy and labour complications, they should endeavour to refer their patients to Government or Private hospital to forestall maternal and child mortality.

The Medical Doctor said the essence of the workshop is to enlightening the birth attendants on the need to reduce childbirth mortality in Ondo State.

” Necessary precautions must be taken to stem health conditions that could lead to complications and resort in death or deformities during pregnancy or delivery”.

He admonished the Birth Attendants not to take delivery of women with multiple pregnancies, teenagers, women over 40 years old and women who had previous delivery through caesarian operation, adding that ‘any pregnant woman who is presenting high blood pressure (130\85), anaemic or diabetic should be referred as a matter of urgency.

“Prolonged labour and bleeding after childbirth are emergency situations that must equally be referred to general hospitals as well,” he advised.

He further charged them not to delay in referring to any pregnant woman who refuses to fall into labour after the due date and enjoined them to always wear gloves during delivery, sanitise their delivery tools and disinfect their work areas.

Dr. Adewale while acknowledging the roles played by birth attendants said they are essential commodities needed at the basic level.

While explaining the importance of belonging to a duly registered association, he noted that the relationship between doctors and birth attendants must be cordial, saying they are working towards same goals.

In the same vein, Comrade Omolayo Omotayo, President Great Constitution Rights and Justice Forum, explored the importance of association saying everybody has the freedom to join an association of her choice.

He urged them not to be afraid of any threat from anybody as nobody has right to impose membership of an association of them.

One of the organisers of the programme, Mrs. Olubumi Abatan said some people have the wrong notion that ordained birth attendants are not qualified to operate and as such the group has been duly registered to represent their interest.

Mrs. Abatan who said the workshop will go a long way in upgrading the knowledge base of members urged them to put to use all that they have learnt in the course of the training just as she enjoined others most especially in the grassroots to join forces with them.

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