FCMB Paternity Scandal: Tunde is the Father of My Kids -Moyo Thomas

Moyo Thomas, the wife of Late Tunde Thomas has finally cleared air on the paternity of her two kids, saying her late husband fathered the kids.

The news of her children paternity was linked to the Managing Director of First City Monument Bank (FCMB), Adam Nuru who is now on leave.

Moyo said on no account did she informed her late husband that he was not the father of her two kids.

The scandal came to the public glare when late Tunde friends alleged that the deceased briefed them that his two kids belonged to her boss, which they claim led to the demise of Tunde Thomas.

In a statement released to the public through her friend titled ” Tunde is the Father of My Kids, Moyo explained that she had decided to remain silent in the face of the heavy accusation of infidelity and alleged paternity scandal in order to preserve the memories of her late husband, who died on December 16, 2020.

According to her, she said her marriage suffered a lot of marital differences but she remain committed to the positive memories of her deceased husband.

“No one can ever understand what transpired between us or what each of us experienced in the marriage; like they say, it is he who wears the shoes that knows where it pinches”.

Moyo said she never for once wished him bad, saying his untimely and sudden death was still a shock to her as it is to many others,” Moyo stated.

On the controversy surrounding the paternity of her children, she decribed the statement on the social media as falsehood ,adding that at no time did she told her husband that the two kids were not his.

“The children still bear his name. Only God knows why he died in an untimely period. It is not in my place, or any one’s place to play God and talk with certainty as to the cause of his death, without proven medical facts.

“Despite our separation, we never allowed our differences affect the relationships we respectively have with the children. He still had conversations with the children like any father will, up until his sudden and unfortunate death.

Moyo, pleaded that the family be spared of further media exposure as they mourn the departed husband,

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