Dr Wilson Ikubese Gives Tips On How to Make 2023 ‘New’

By Dupson Collins, 3rd January, 2023

The Convener of YesWeFit Revolutionary Movement, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese who doubled as a motivational speaker has given tips on how to make 2023 New.

In a post on his Facebook Account tagged, MAKE 2023 “NEW”! , the CMD of Sckye Hospitals Ltd provided the tips that will help individual to have a better 2023.

He noted that to grow and has financial stability in life require a huge sacrifice, adding that to be successful in life, one has to disassociate self from unproductive relationship that add no value to one’s life.

The CMD said to get a better results in 2023, serious minded people will do things differently from what it uses to be.
The Post Read:

MAKE 2023 “NEW”!

No great achievement comes without great sacrifice!

To achieve academic excellence, sacrifice time.

To achieve financial stability, save sacrificially and invest reasonably.

To achieve spiritual growth, sacrifice the flesh.

When I look back at where I started from and where I am today, I appreciate my understanding of the principles of sacrifice and process early in life.

In 2023, delay your gratification. Don’t hunt for luxury and comfort when your foundation is yet to be solidified. Don’t diversify, until you consolidate, lest you waste resources and get your fingers burnt. Don’t follow the bandwagon, without a definitive roadmap.

Be ready to do away with unproductive associations this year. Be deliberate in your choice of the people you allow into your innermost chambers, for they will eventually influence the height you’ll attain.

And finally, develop tough skin, for when you begin to get results, stones will come raining in your direction!

If 2023 will be any different from 2022, you must do things differently, lest “happy new year” becomes an empty repetition of ecstatic void!

Thomas-Wilson Ikubese
1st January, 2023

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