Breach of Peace Accord: Adefisoye Lacks Integrity Says Akingbaso

By Dupson Collins, 28th January, 2023

The People’s Democratic Party House of Representatives candidate for Idanre/Ifedore Federal Constituency, Hon Festus Akingbaso has stated that Hon Tajudeen Adefisoye lacks integrity following violation of the Peace Accord signed in the palace of Owa of Idanre.

It could be recalled that, Small Alhaji as popularly called apologized to FessyWest over the allegation of Threat To Life leveled against the PDP candidate.

The full statement read:



Our attention has been drawn to a repugnant statement credited to APC Director of Media, Idanre Local Government Area, Adeboyeku Babatunde accusing PDP and its House of Representatives candidate, Hon Festus Akingbaso of breaching the peace accord signed at Owa’s palace whereas it is other way round.

It could be recalled that on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, leaders of political parties and its candidates signed peace accord in a meeting convened at the instance of the Owa of Idanre, Oba Fredrick Aroloye where both the candidates of People’s Democratic Party, Hon Festus Akingbaso and Hon Tajudeen Adefisoye of All Progressives Congress were among the signatories.

Meanwhile, it is quite unfortunate that the candidate of the APC, Tajudeen Adefisoye who tendered public apology to FessyWest on the allegation of “Threat To Life” before our reverred monarch and its Council of Chiefs went out to deny such apology. For clarity, we have the video of what transpired at the palace before the signing of the peace accord.

We have it on record that, the unreserved apology was at the order of the monarch which led to the embrace of both parties. However, it is now very clear that the candidate of APC lacks integrity and a great pretender that the people must reject with their PVCs.

If Tajudeen Adefisoye could apologized publicly and be remorseful over his false accusations against the person of Hon Akingbaso and turned back to say otherwise, then his integrity is questionable and far from being an Honourable.

It would be recalled that the Monarch in his wisdom pleaded with Hon Festus Akingbaso to withdraw the law suit earlier instituted against Hon Tajudeen Adefisoye where the federal lawmaker was charged with defamation.

The PDP is not noted for breeding political thugs let alone attacking innocent people of Idanre that our candidate wants to represent at the lower Chamber of the National Assembly. We are peace loving party and we shall continue to preach peace among our supporters even at the face of provocation.

APC and its candidate should call its attack dogs to order and cease to turn Idanre to political war front ahead of the forthcoming election.

Obviously, not less than four days after the peace accord was signed, like dogs, they went back to their vomit has violence has become their trade mark. On the alleged attack on its members, the attacker cannot single out any member of PDP as the brain behind it.

We respect the peaceful disposition of our Monarch and we will continue to abide with the tenet of the peace accord signed and never do otherwise. We are bold to say that only a “bastard” will disrespect the authority of Owa and his Council of Chiefs.

We are calling on the leadership of APC in Idanre and its candidates to call their thugs to order as election is not won by inciting violence but on performance and pedigree of the candidate in the race.

It is commonsensical to know the incitement of violence by APC and its candidate are nothing but fear of losing the election having disconnected from the people of the federal constituency.

Our candidate track records as the former Chairman of Idanre Local Government Area Council and outstanding credentials as a current Member of the Ondo State House of Assembly is our selling point and no amount of violence will stop the people from exercising their franchise on the 25th February, 2023.

We are advising APC candidate to tell the people why he deserves to be reelected rather than unleashing his political thugs on the same innocent people he intends to represent; it is a pity that his last three and half years were wasteful and more of self serving than bringing dividends of democracy to the people.

We are also using this medium to call the media handlers of Small Alhaji to be ethical and stop spreading fake news, uphold the principle of tolerance, respect, civility and decency in all their media engagement about the forthcoming election because no amount of misinformation and denigration will stop the electorates from voting out their principal.

No amount of personal attack, fake news, insult and incitements, can stop the aspiration of FessyWest from unseating non performing federal lawmaker from the Green Chamber as the people of the federal constituency have chosen to send capable and reliable person to the lower Chamber.

Nevertheless, we are calling on the Commissioner of Police and Director of DSS, Ondo State Commands to keep eyes on APC House of Representatives candidate and his recruited thugs who believe the only way to win the forthcoming election is through violence.

We also appealing to our teeming supporters, Members and good people of Idanre to remain calm, continue to live their normal life without any fear of molestation or intimidation, get their PVCs to vote out truancy and incompetency on the 25th of February,2023.

Fessy Media Team.

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