Akeredolu Security Aide Calls For Collaboration to Fight Cultism, Says Govt Can’t Do It Alone

By Collins Dupson, 19 October, 2021

The Senior Special Assistant to the Governor of Ondo State on Security Matters, Alhaji Jimoh Dojumo has called for collaboration to fight cultism in the state, saying government alone can’t do it without the collective efforts of other stakeholders.

He stated this while chatting with newsmen at his private residence in Akure.

With the alarming rate of cult activities in the state, Dojumo said there’s need for stakeholders from all front to explore ways of addressing the root cause of the social vices.

He called on religion and traditional leaders across the length and breadth of the state to collaborate with the government and security agencies to get rid of cultists from the state, saying all hands must be on deck.

He condemned the manner some parents are encouraging their children who are involving in criminal activities, saying most of these youths are living beyond their means without having a legal means of livelihood.

” Some parents are in the habit of celebrating their children whose source of wealth are questionable. If it might interest, most of the guns they used for their nefarious act are kept in the armoury of their parents”.

He further said the governor has issued a proclamation for every parent to checkmate and warn their wards,saying Governor Akeredolu has instructed security agencies to put a final stop to the menace and ensure anyone caught is made to face the law.

Alhaji Dojumo commended the governor for being proactive and waking up to the responsibility of keeping the state safe of cultists.

Meanwhile speaking on the eld-el-malud celebrations by Muslim faithful across the world, Alhaji Dojumo said the birth of Prophet Muhammad is very significant and the celebration should be a period of sober reflection.

He described Islam as a religion of peace, adding that at no time did Prophet Muhammad supports violence during his life time. ” When people want to create violence and disunity in the country, they bring religion”.

The SSA said some religious scholars did not support the celebration of the Prophet’s birthday with the argument that no record shown him celebrating it during his life time, noting that despite this objection, the life and times of the prophet is worthy to be celebrated and remembered.

He stressed that, lack of God fearing leaders in the country is responsible for many challenges facing it citizens, saying the country’s political leaders are using religion and tribal sentiment to create confusion among the people.

“Prophet Muhammad fought genuine wars which is different from what some Islamic sects are fighting today”.

He said the present predicament facing the country could be as a result of wrath of God on the country, saying the level of sins being committed on daily basis is enough for God to visit the nation with calamity. ” Homosexual, gay and other social vices have become way of life of many people”.

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