Why I Won’t Stop Helping The Less Privileged, Says Giving is a Ministry- Surv. Kay

By Dupson Collins, 20th November, 2022

A philanthropist Surveyor, Oludare Kayode has stated that he won’t be deterred by haters not happy with his extension of hands of love to the less privileged and indigents in the state, saying he will continue to render assistance to the downtrodden against all odds.

The media friendly Surveyor is a multiple awards winner in the Sunshine State for his philanthropic gestures to the less privileged, giving in respective of religion, ethnicity or sex.

He speaks with the PATH NEWS at the Annual Lecture/Awards of The Democrat Magazine in Akure where he was a recipient of another Award.

His words: “No amount of persecution or ill feelings can stop me from doing good. It is my joy to make people happy because it is part of me. Within the little resources at my disposal, I will continue to help the poor and indigent people around me”, he stated.

While asking God to forgive his haters and people speaking ills of him, he said he won’t relent in the path chosen by God for him.

“I forgive those speaking ills of me; why are they angry? What I give is peanut out of peanut, just token to the under privileged among us; that shouldn’t be a problem or headache to the “enemies of progress” because quantum of riches in one possession doesn’t make one a giver”, he affirmed.

He further assured the downtrodden that he will continue to support them within his means.” I will never relent because it is what I was born for, what I will live for and what I will die for”.

Surveyor Kay as popularly called said it is a ministry when you give, adding that many people are ignorant and fail to understand that giving help one to reshape his or her destiny with God.

“Givers are only helping their personal destiny with God as givers never lack. Instead of ‘’beefing’’ me, they should emulate me and assist people around them”. H

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