By DCOL, 10th July, 2023

Like him or hate him, one thing you can’t take away from the Araba of Ikale Land, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim is the frankness when it comes to public discussion and ability to take position on issues. In his usual habit, Araba has always shown to those who care to listen of his wider connection within and outside Nigeria. “No be today” has he begins to wine and dine with people in the corridor of power. His intellectual capacity was noticed by the “Black Goggled Dictator”, Late General Sani Abacha where the Igbotako Business Mogul allegedly hit the jackpot.

His closeness to the immediate past government of President Buhari could be testified to with the manner he walks in and out of the Aso Villa, getting free access to the president. In spite of not supporting the Senate Presidential Candidate of the President, Tinubu couldn’t shut his doors against him because of his influence politically and economically. So, if he can has this unfettered access to the number one citizen of the country, then, speaking to governor of any state wouldn’t be a problem.

In the last few weeks in Ondo State, the political drama being played with the health challenge of the state governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu SAN among political gladiators within and outside the government has made the tongue wagging on disunity among the State Cabinet Members.

After much power played by the so called loyalists of the governor, the Deputy Governor became the Acting Governor pending the return of his boss from medical leave abroad. The governor is expected to return to work on the 6th of July having written a letter to the state assembly for 21-days medical leave abroad.

While the state is awaiting the return of the governor at this stipulated date, Senator Jimoh Ibrahim pulled a call across to the ailing Governor wanting to know the true position of his health.

The telephone call might have dampened the hope of Aketi loyalists who are counting days of the governor’s return, many of who have become jobless since the governor became incapacitated, forgetting that it is only God that heal, doctors are only trying.

Araba during the telephone conversation with the governor advised him not to be in a hurry to return to the country from his medical leave, asking him to cancel the date of his return ticket and take sufficient rest before returning to Nigeria to resume duty.

The federal lawmaker noted that it’s constitutional for the governor to transmit power to his deputy while away and return to office whenever he’s back.Ibrahim alluded to when former President Muhammadu Buhari was away for close to six months when on medical leave.

In the telephone conversation; “Your Excellency, Arakunrin, it is important for you to cancel the date of your return ticket and have a sufficient holiday.“You need to rest very well so that you will be adequately fit when you return to duty.

“You’re not a machine Arakunrin, so you need ample time to rest very well having been serving the state round the clock for the past seven years.

“The government of Ondo State will continue to run pending the time you will return. So, there’s no need for you to be in a hurry to return.

“It is constitutional for you, as a governor, to transmit power to your deputy. When you’re back, you will inform the Assembly and return to office.“Arakunrin, there’s a precedent in this regard. President Muhammadu Buhari was away for six month while on medical leave and later returned to office.

“We know you are going to return safe to our state. Thank God you’re now okay. But you need to rest very well.”

To some cabinet members still doubting the power of the Acting Governor, it is high time they begin to cooperate with Aiyedatiwa and shift their loyalty to the people of the state.

The possibility of Governor Akeredolu returning to the state soon is in doubt with this phone call of the Senator. As rightly said by Ibrahim, let the governor takes care of himself and get better rather than rushing back to the country and never allow himself to be pushed by these power mongers.

The affairs of the state is in capable hand and to those desperate for power, they should not throw Ondo State into crisis; they can only pledge their loyalty to the governor by supporting the Acting Governor rather than making governance difficult for him.

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