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By Collins Dupson, 21 January, 2022

Hon Adewale Akinlosotu is the commissioner in charge of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Ondo State. The Ondo born politician was appointed by Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu to oversee the ministry based on his exposure, experience and passion for cultural heritage. He speaks with the PATH on his first day in office, setting transformational agenda for himself, management and staff of the ministry.

Congratulations sir, how do you feel to be appointed into the cabinet of Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu?

I feel great and all glories go to the Almighty God for counting me worthy to be appointed by the governor. It is not by my power but by the grace of God. I will like to thank our amiable governor for the rare opportunity given to me and I promised to give it what it takes to transform the ministry assigned to me and leave it better than I met it. I am not the most qualified person, we have several people that are more qualified than me but for Mr. Governor to have considered me among equals, I won’t take the opportunity for granted. This is a task and we must be ready to take the ministry to the next level. By the grace of God, our vision and mission is to place Ondo State in the world map in terms of tourism and culture. With God on my side and the support of Mr. Governor, we are going to project the cultural heritage of Ondo State to the world.

How do you take your posting to the Ministry of Culture, a place many past occupants seen as dry land?

I felt great because nobody receives anything except it is given by God. God has given me the opportunity to be here and it’s not by my power or making. I knew Mr. Governor thought it wise before my posting to the ministry. He must have been sure that I will perform and change whatever narrative or perspective people would have heard about the ministry. Let me demystify the notion of juicy ministry or not. There is no Juicy Ministry. The ministry does not make the commissioner; the commissioner makes the ministry. As a commissioner, you are the CEO of your ministry and for you to stand out; you must think outside the box and do things differently. All you need to do is to advance the vision of the ministry to suite your transformational agenda. To me, there is no buoyant or juicy ministry; it depends on your foresight and how you showcase the ministry before the world. I am determined to make Ministry of Culture buoyant and cynosure of all eyes in the state. Mr. Governor can be assured that l am going to leave the ministry better than I met it.

With your level of exposure, experience and connection, how do intend to transform the ministry in line with the governor’s REDEEMED Agendas?

There is no dry land and anywhere the sole of our feet shall touch, shall prosper, says the Lord. Mr. Governor has given me the opportunity to go and prosper; it is left for me to think outside the box and do things that will promote our ministry. When there is a will, there’s a way. A lot of people often times complain of lack of money but it is not always about money. When you have idea, you will definitely go places, ideas rule the world. By the time we start full operation and grounded in the ministry, you will know that, there is something that we can do or create that won’t cost us huge amount of money. One thing I know and believe is that, under my tutelage as the commissioner of the ministry, we are going to make a big difference.

How do you intend to generate revenue into the government coffer through your ministry?

We are just new in the office, so, for now, I won’t be able to give details of how we are going to generate revenue to the government coffer but the ministry under my watch will come up with policies that will drive more revenue for the government. We are going to add value to the state; priceless values that will place the state on the world map. If we are doing the right things, definitely, we are going to generate revenue for government. We are going to tap into all areas that will boost the IGR of the state. Economy tourism and culture will be harnessed to the fullest. As God’s liveth, the ministry is not going to be the same, it will be more functional and revenue driven like other ministries in the state.

Your message to the management and staff of the ministry?

To achieve, we need the support and cooperation of every worker. As far as I am concern, everyone matters; being it junior staff or senior staff. We need to work as a team to transform the ministry. Our visionary governor has given us task and we must not disappoint the confidence repose in us. Let’s make Ministry of Culture and Tourism work again, together in oneness and unity we will definitely achieve.

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