Ondo NASSI Organises Annual Prayer For Small Scale Industrialists

The Nigeria Association of Small Scale Industrialists (NASSI),Ondo State Chapter has organised annual prayer for Small Scale Industrialists in the state.

In what has become the tradition of the association to start a new year with prayers since the assumption of office of the present state chairman, Great Sheyi Akintunde, the 2021 edition was held at the association secretariat in Akure, Ondo State.

Speaking with the PATH Correspondent, the State Chairman, Great Sheyi Akintunde said the association can’t start a new year without asking for God directions and guidance.

” We are starting the new year on the principle that God should start with us which necessitated the new year prayers for all members of the association”.

Counting the 2020 blessings, the Chairman said the association has every reason to thank God despite the covid-19 spike in the state, adding that NASSI was able to achieve a lot.

“We are thanking God because He has been so kind and faithful to us during the corona virus period; we were working while others were closing businesses, NASSI was able to assess loans opportunities to our members”.

Great Sheyi noted that the association was moving triumphantly within the spike period as several programmes kept the association engaged during the pandemic.

According to him, the association was doing training in line with Covid-19 preventive protocols; we maintain social distancing, wearing of face mask and engaged in regular washing of hands; without mincing words, we have a successful 2020.

He reiterated the need to seek God eyes over high rate of insecurity and second wave of Covid-19 in the country.

The Chairman said the leadership of the association will continue to live up to its expectations of enhancing the development of small scale industries in Ondo State.

” Our primary responsibility and operation is to enhance small scale industries in term of training, workshops, seminars and study tours”.

Meanwhile, Great Sheyi said his leadership of the association has brought a lot of development to its members through various degrees of loans and grant from CBN and donor agencies.

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