Modular Refineries Solution to Nigeria’s Fuel Hike Challenges- Otunba Benji

By Dupson Collins, 16th June, 2023

The Bashorun of Owo Kingdom, Otunba Benji Oloye has stated that Modular Refineries are the magic wand for solving the supply challenges in the petroleum industry, saying it would also help in reducing the hike in PMS due to the subsidy removal by the Federal Government.

The Owo born Social Commentator and Community Leader disclosed this while chatting with one of the Radio Stations in Akure, an interview monitored by the PATH NEWS.

He noted that the country will depend less on imported petroleum product if Nigeria’s government give license to illegal operators of Modular Refineries in the oil producing states.

His words: “Oil producing states should be licensed to operate Modular Refineries to be funded by the Bank of Industry. The illegal operators of these Refineries should be trained, registered and monitored by the authority; with this, the price of petrol will definitely come down”, he stated.

Otunba added that proper management of the Modular Refineries will not only meet the supply challenges of Nigerians but also serve the neighboring countries who are beneficiaries of the subsidy before it removal by President Tinubu.

“If Nigeria’s government is serious about cushioning the effect of subsidy removal, the best way to go is to embrace and encourage Modular Refineries and I believe under six months, the Refineries will start supplying PMS to Nigerians”.

While enjoining Nigerians to exercise patient with the new government, Otunba added that President Tinubu has started on good footing with the removal of subsidy that is no longer sustainable and milking the country dry.

Meanwhile, The Bashorun of Owo Kingdom suggested that in tackling the security challenges in the country, the new government should look at the direction of establishing a Special Security Squad who will report directly to the president, saying most of the Security Chiefs are only after what they can benefit from the security situation in the country.

” Many of the Junior Officers are ready to sacrifice their lives to end the threat of insecurity but the lackadaisical attitude of some Senior Officers who are feeding fat on the security budget won’t pray for the war to end”.

“Selfish interest and diversion of the fund made for the fight against insurgent and other security lapses led to the failure to win the war. President Tinubu should not hesitate to overhaul the security architecture of the country”.

He further added that the proposed Special Security Squad must be a combination of all the security agencies with special instructions and mandate different from what is expected of other security personnel.

” The Special Security Squad must be adequately fortified, well trained and equipped with direct access to the president to prevent compromise by sycophant”.

He blamed the Security Chiefs of not doing enough to motivate the the Junior Officers, noting that the country’s security personnel are always at their best while on Peace Mission assignment outside Nigeria but reverse is the case when it comes to winning war against internal security challenges.

He charged the president to rid off corruption in the hierarchy of the country’s security architecture, believing President Tinubu has what it takes to fix myraid of challenges facing the country.

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