4th October, 2023

SP (Barr) Patrick Otaigbe, the Ondo State Commander of Special Anti-Cultism (SACS) has opined that the Mass Media, Religious Institutions, Government and Non Governmental Organizations should embark on massive campaign and enlightenment programme against cultists and cultism in the society.

The Senior Police Officer made this disclosure during a Public Lecture organized by Today’s News Magazine recently on “DANGERS THAT ARE INHERENT IN ACT OF CULTISM” held at the Ondo NUJ Pen Centre, Akure.

He was of the view during the lecture that social media should be used vigorously in the area of mounting campaigns against the dreaded act of cultism instead of using the social media to destroy various other government organisms in Nigeria.

In his words “the radio and television stations should have a daily programme even for ten minutes sensitising the masses about the dangers that are inherent in becoming a member of any cultist groups in the society while newspaper and magazine should channel their editoral comments on criticism against cultism,he posited.

He did not fail to mention Religious Institutions and Non Governmental Organizations during the lecture that they should always play a pivotal role and promote enlightenment against cultism because of large congregants in the churches and mosques.

While the NGOs should not be derailed in their public enlightenment programme especially in the area of educating the youth and the parents about the ills and consequences of cultism.

He quipped that seminars and workshops should be organized from elementary primary school to tertiary Institution to sensitising pupils and students about negative effects of cultism.

In his words, “there is a law and punishment against cultism, no law forces anyone to be a member of cultism,so if anyone renounces membership and he or she is being threatened,he should report to the Police.

He urged the youth to be creative and be the best in social activities such as sports, music, football among others.

He was of the opinion that improper parental upbringings, peer group, revenge and desire to get protection, social identity, security, choice of life style,drop-out syndromes among other onus are the causes of cultism among the youth and other members of the society.

He highlighted some of the consequences of cultism as; expulsion from school, moral decadence,break down of law and order,, criminal tendencies, suicide, murder,violency and disorderliness,lack of peaceful co-existence etc.

Infact,it will get to a level that the society or family members of cultist will attribute consequences of cultism to spiritual problems.

He concluded by admonishing the unreasonable people from patronizing cultists to settle personal grievances, using cultists as thugs and harbingers of violence.

Cultism is a misfortune adventure, the youth and other people involved must shun the act,he concluded.

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