Dr. Thomas Wilson-Ikubese, a medical doctor of high repute in Ondo State has carved a niche for himself not only in the medical field but in his act of philanthropic gesture to the less privileged in the society. If you call him friend of the indigents, you are right because that is one of the things that gladden his heart.

The Late Archbishop Desmond Tutu once said, ” Do your little bit of good where you are; it is those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world”. Dr Ikubese is not the Dangote’s, the Otedola’s or the Adenuga’s of these world but the inspirational words of Mother Theresa that, ” if you can’t feed a hundred people, feed just one” inspired him to continually raise the hope of the hopeless in the society within the little resources at his disposal.

Today, the Chief Medical Director and founder of the Sckye Hospitals Ltd, Akure is one of the most celebrated and decorated medical practitioners in the Sunshine State and beyond. Honours, Laurels and medals from different bodies and organizations across the country keep coming in torrent in recognition of his Humanitarian Services to the underprivileged in our society.

All these honours are way of appreciating him for the love and kindness to these set of neglected people in the society.Yes, man gives you the award but God gives reward; this is a man that gives without expecting anything in return from the beneficiaries of his kind gesture, believing the greatest rewards can only come from God.

While some are buying awards, seeking for undue recognition, Dr. Wilson multiple Awards were given on a platter of gold, based on merit.

It doesn’t matter how many times you win an award; it is always very special when people or corporate organizations shortlisted one for honour. In the last ten years, Dr. Wilson has received More than 50 awards both local and national. These were Merit Based Awards on Humanitarian Services and Qualitative Free Medicare Health Delivery to the less privileged in Ondo State and neighboring states.

The pertinent question that should come to mind whenever Dr. Wilson is donating and supporting the needy is, why is he giving to these people? To the Delta born Medical Doctor, volunteering to help the less privileged is more of restoring hope to the hopeless, making them to be valued and love.

Dr Wilson believes helping the under privileged ones guarantee a secure nation because the neglected population will turn around to become a threat to the society. The country is facing serious security challenges today because of the neglect of the vulnerable, unemployed youths who are ready to accept any offers to put food on their tables.

Looking at the ways of these underprivileged, Dr. Wilson has changed many lives. 2022 has come and gone, but the impact the likes of Dr Wilson have made will for a long time remain evergreen in the memory and lives of people they have turned around for good.

Dr. Wilson used his medical facility to rendered free healthcare to many patients, pregnant women and mother of multiple births. In 2022, among the beneficiaries of the free Medicare of the hospital were the Obodozie, the Omoleye, the Mary Igo (placed Mary Igo on 10 years’ medical treatment).

Seeing his efforts in providing free medical services to mother of multiple birth, a UK based Medical Practitioner, Dr. Peter Ogbemudia gave a N300,000 to the Obodozie triplets.Aside the UK Dr. Peter Ogbemudia, the Queen of Ife, Olori Naomi donated items to mother of triplets delivered through Caesarian Section free of charge by Sckye Hospitals Ltd.

A lot of testimonies abound across the length and breadth of the state on the number of people the CMD of Sckye Hospitals has helped financially; once he knew your demands are genuine, he can go to any length to put smile in the faces of the downtrodden.

Dr. Wilson benevolence as regard corporate social responsibility is second to none in the field of medicine and humanitarian services in Ondo State. A detribalize Nigerian, giving without considering ethnicity, religion, sex or age.


In 2022, Dr. Wilson Ikubese received array of awards from different bodies and organizations in recognition of his Humanitarian Services and provision of free and affordable health delivery services to patients.Some of the awards are:

On the 17th December 2022, Association of Local Government Youth of Nigeria conferred Best Private Hospital in Ondo State on Sckye Hospitals Ltd; Nigerian Association of Science Students (NASS) Award of Excellence for outstanding performance in Medical Practice in Nigeria.

On 3rd of July 2022, he was inducted into Ondo State Hall of Fame in the field of medicine by African Impact Magazine and also on the 22nd July, 2022, the National President of Afenifere National Youth Council (ANYC) appointed him as the ANYC Ondo State Chapter Ambassador.

The National Youth Council of Nigeria, Ondo State Chapter presented him with the award of Ondo Humanitarian Man of the Year Award; Live Value Awareness and Leadership Secure Initiatives bestowed on him Health Living Hero Award in November 12, 2022.

On the 10th of December, 2022, JCI award was presented to him in recognition of his responsiveness and commitment to youth, human capital and community development; a centre for Ethics and Self-Value Orientation presented Ethical Conduct/Leadership Compliance Award, an award which conferred on him the honour of Integrity Icon of Nigeria, on the 4th of June, 2022.

These were some of the many honours bestowed on him in 2022. For our society to be a better place, we need more of Dr. Wilson Ikubese in our country. One thing is to be wealthy; another thing is to be a cheerful giver.

Within the little at Dr. Wilson disposal, he is ready to share with the “have nots” in the society. We must all encourage and continue to support his tall vision for the less privileged in our society.


* He hailed from Delta State
* He was born in Lagos in the 70’s
* He had both the primary & secondary education in Lagos
* He had the best WAEC results with six A’s in Ikorodu LG
* Attended University of Benin to study Medicine & Surgery
* He is the Founder of Thomas Wilson Foundation
* He won several awards for his poetries & short stories while at UNIBEN
* He began his political activities and charity from the university
* He established Sckye Hospitals & Diagnostic Ltd in 2002
* He is an orator and multiple award winners
* He is a former presidential aspirant under ANN in 2019 election
* President Heavily Ministries
* He is member of Nigerian Medical Association among others
* He is a public & motivational speaker, columnist and Leadership Consultant
* He is married to a beautiful wife and blessed with wonderful kids

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