Compassionate Caregivers Ministry Confers Award On Sckye Hospitals CMD, Ikubese Over Humanitarian Services in Health Sector, Mentorship

Path News, 14th November, 2023

The saying Golden Fish has no hidden place was again displayed as the Medical Director of Sckyé Hospitals Ltd and former presidential aspirant, Dr Thomas-Wilson Ikubese was presented with the Compassion Colossus Honours by Compassionate Caregivers Ministry over the weekend.

The award presentation which took place in his office was made by Pastor Folu Rachel Ayeleso, Ph.D.- Vice president of the Ministry

The five-man team which represented the Commission was led by the President of the organization, Pastor Gabriel O. Ayeleso.

Speaking before the award presentation, Pastor Ayeleso said that the organization singled out Dr Ikubese for the award because of his outstanding humanitarian activities in the health sector and the mentorship he provides to Nigerian youths.

Pastor Ayeleso stated that the Ministry was amazed upon learning that for almost two decades now, Sckye hospital has been rendering free antenatal services for pregnant women, covering free registration, free specialist consultations by Consultant Obstetricians and Gynecologists, free drugs, free blood and urine tests, free vaginal deliveries and free Caeserean Sections for higher order multiple gestations.

Where the parents of a newly delivered baby are noted to be financially challenged, Dr Ikubese also helps in raising funds for the parents and the money donated directly into the accounts of the beneficiaries, without him profiting from it.

Speaking earlier on the uncommon virtues of Dr Ikubese in putting smiles on the faces of the less privileged, Evangelist Abiola Phillips, the Project Coordinator commended the neatness, first class setting and service he observed in Sckye hospital, urging Dr Ikubese not to rest on his oars while thanking him for making such top notch services available to those who ordinarily would not have been able to afford it.

Brother Boluwaji Fanimo, Project Coordinator2 also spoke glowingly about the award recipient.

“I’ve know Dr Ikubese for almost 20 years now and his passion for excellence and making life easy for our people is second to none”, he said.

He recalled several instances where patients who could not afford to pay their hospital bills were allowed to go home without harassment.

He also lauded the philanthropist for conducting the affairs of the hospital with the fear of God, recalling that he leads his members of staff to the mountains to pray from time to time.

In response, Dr Ikubese thanked the Ministry for the honour and promised to do more for humanity, as the Lord expands his coast.

In concluding the ceremony, the five-man team which comprised of Pastor G.O Ayeleso, Pastor Folu Rachel Ayeleso, Ph.D, Evangelist Abiola Phillips, Olori Adeniyi Iyabo of Igoba and Brother Boluwaji Fanimo prayed for Dr Ikubese and the entire staff & management of Sckye Hospital, that the Lord should continue to empower them and lift them to the next level in the overall benefit of humanity.

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