Bamidele Omosehin thanks God on his birthday, rededicates self to service to the people

Hon Bamidele Omosehin has appreciated God for having another opportunity to celebrate his birthday.

When grace speaks in the life of an individual, such individual becomes a cynosure of all eyes and even when he walks on a tight rope, grace still makes the walk an easy pass for him. Thus, it is meet and proper for those who are at the receiving end of such uncommon grace to always express gratitude to God Almighty. As far as Bamidele Omosehin is concerned, he is a man whom God has favourably shown his rare gesture of grace, love and kindness.

Omosehin noted that a number of his mates didn’t have the opportunity to even celebrate one year as some of them died few days after they were born.

The successful business man, therefore, dedicated all his achievements to God, noting that if he had not granted him the divine grace, he wouldn’t have made head way in life.

The philanthropist, who was also born on Valentine’s Day, seized the opportunity of the celebration to expressed his readiness to continue helping youths, particularly the indigent ones, to achieve their dreams and visions.

Omosehin had in last December registered 100 students for the West African Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) as part of the scholarship scheme he put in place through his foundation.

Through the foundation, Bamidele Omosehin Foundation (BOF), he organized free healthcare services, sporting programmes including football and presented different prizes to participants in the games.

Speaking on his birthday, Omosehin said: “Not many are privileged to be where I am. Getting to this level, though by dint of hard work, is only made possible by God. So, why won’t I use the little I have to better the lives of the masses? Why will I hoard that which God has given me to put smiles on the faces of the people?

“February 14 is known to be for the celebration of love all over the world, but what’s love? The only acceptable definition of love is giving. That’s why I’m dedicating my life to the service of humanity. I am a personage whose life has been all about God’s amazing grace and compassion. As a Nigerian and a business man, I have seen it all but His grace has been immeasurable over my life and my family. That’s the more reason I always crave to impact the lives of those who are in the economic disadvantage bracket because I know and understand clearly what it means to lack and not to have at all.”

Moreover, he reeled out his plans for the people, particularly the underprivileged in Ondo Southern Senatorial District.

He said: ”My heart is always with children of indigent parents, who have the brains but lack the financial wherewithal to pursue academics without hiccups. Widows who have children to cater for but do not have the means to provide for their children. Young men who have certificates but do not have jobs and could not make both ends meet.

“I love to identify with them because I have been there and I know exactly how it feels. That’s the major reason Bamidele Omosehin Foundation (BOF) was established and by the grace of God the Foundation has mapped out specific mandates which it shall achieve and impact positively on the masses, particularly in the Southern senatorial district of Ondo State.”

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