Asamo of Akure Celebrates Omojao, New Yam Festivals

By Dupson Collins, 9th September, 2023
The Senior High Chief, Rotimi Olusanya, the Asamo of Akure Kingdom celebrated the annual Omojao Festival which falls within the period the families of Asamo are eating new yams.

The annual Omojao Festival being celebrated in Akure by the Asamo is observe to pray for the Akure Community, sons and daughters of Asamo family. The festival heralds the new year and the beginning of the new yam season.

Speaking with The PATH NEWS in his palace, the Senior High Chief said the annual festival started centuries back which he inherited from his forefathers.

Asamo said the festival period is all about praying, dancing and merriment deviod of secrecy, saying every prayers and activities are done in the open.

He said eating of yam in Asamo household could only start once the Omojao Festival is observed.

He charged the traditional rulers and institution to embrace and promote their traditions and culture from going into extinction, saying he will continue to preserve Akure Culture and celebrate in Grand style every festival associated with Asamo family.

He pleaded with the sons and daughters of Asamo to continue to support him in celebrating the festival, ensure unity in bringing needed development to Idi- Agba community in Akure.

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