APC Defends Arrested Sunday Sebe, Says Suspect Has Right To Carry Gun

By Dupson Collins, 16th January, 2023

The Idanre Chapter of the All Progressive Congress, (APC) has goofed again with the party defending suspected thug, Sunday Sebe who has been arrested by the Police, describing him as a Hunter who has the constitutional right to carry gun.

In a press statement released by the APC Director of Media Campaign in Idanre Local Government, Adeboyeku Babatunde stated that the only person in the viral video shooting was a hunter permitted to carry gun.

Part of the statement read: “More so, it is an incontrovertible fact that registered hunters in Nigeria are permitted by the law to handle Dane gun. The video is also clear enough to show that only one of the enthusiastic hunters was seen holding a Dane gun to herald the movement of Hon. Tajudeen Adefisoye.

Meanwhile, Festus Akingbaso Campaign Team has described the man in the viral video as a suspected thug whose trade is violence attack on innocent people of Idanre, contrary to the claim of the APC.

It is disheartening that a federal lawmaker being guarded by Mobile Police Men could have ” hunters” celebrating his so called ” achievement” shooting to create fear in the mind of the people ahead of the next month election.

In APC statement, ” It is therefore a norm in our society to have hunters clutching Dane guns in appreciation of a popular politician like Hon. Adefisoye”.

The video in question was earlier deleted from the Federal lawmaker Facebook account noticing that the video has gone viral and being used as evidence by the PDP.

APC statement: “The video being given malicious misrepresentation by Idanre PDP was until recently on the personal Facebook page of Hon. Adefisoye. The Dane gun video ordinarily ought to have been brought down immediately from the Facebook page of the federal lawmaker if there was anything untoward about it.

Meanwhile, the PDP and Concerned Idanre Indigenes are charging the Police and other security agencies to investigate the claim of the APC that Sunday Sebe is a registered hunter licensed to carry gun”.

Faulting the APC statement, the man in question did not only hold gun but the video is clear enough to show him shooting unless the party need to visit optician for clearer vision.

More also, the video shown him reloading bullet inside his perceived “Dane Gun”.

APC Statement: “The Idanre chapter of PDP has ludicrously released a video in which one of the hunters that voluntarily joined the entourage of Hon. Adefisoye to Democracy Park in Akure was seen holding a Dane gun.”.

It was reported that, APC allegedly said that the man in question has the right to machete and shoot the people of the community as “Hunter” saying nobody dare stop him because of his influence from the authority above.

There’s no gain saying, Idanre APC campaign media and cohorts are trying to defend illegality, calling a suspected notorious thug a hunter to shade him from the hands of the law.

” No amount of Media Stunt and Press Releases will prevent Sunday Sebe and accomplices still at large from the law; Idanre people know the truth and will never be cajoled or blindfolded by the antics of the party.

PDP Media further stated that, Idanre people can’t be frightened or scared from exercise their franchise on the 25th of February House of Representatives Poll by the rampaging dogs of APC, saying they are determined to kick out non performing Rep Member Adefisoye and replace him with Hon Festus Akingbaso who has been tested and can be trusted with their votes.

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