2021 is a Year of Revenge; Says Death of High Profile Nigerians Imminent- Apostle Z B Adeboriota

The General Supritendent of the Act of Apostle International Church, Prophet Zacheaus Adeboriota has revealed that 2021 is going to be a year of revenge and pay back time for sinners ,adding that some prominent Nigerians will die during the year.

He stated this while chatting with the PATH correspondent, revealing what God said concerning 2021.

Apostle Adeboriota disclosed that it is very dangerous to speak when God has not spoken. ” Prophecy is not for sale, it is only prophet of doom that will speak when God has not spoken”.

” 2021 is a year of revenge, so many bad things will happen this year; all these bad occurrences is to tell the world that God is still alive”.

He said further that the year will be bitter because God will revenge the atrocities of men against God and fellow human being.

He said the neglect of God by the people is responsible for many challenges the world is facing today.

Part of the prophecies include; disaster will continue, sudden death, food will flow, confusion in government setting among others.

” I can see a great Oba who fall from the throne and died suddenly, likewise a governor died despite all efforts to save his life”.

He said nothing can be done to change prophecy, saying prayers and fasting can’t stop the manifestation of prophecy. ” Since I began the work of God in 1967, every of my prophecy has always come to pass”.

Adeboriota appealed to every Nigerian to run away from sins in 2021 because God is determine to revenge the evil doers.

He charged Nigerian leaders to retrace their step, reedem their battered image, work for good name and do what is right to avert the wrath of God.

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