Frequent celebration of electoral victory is a misplaced priority- Moyosola Oladunni

The converner of Kalesanwa Socio-political Group and former Governorship aspirant, under the platform of All Progressive Congress (APC), Moyosola Niran Oladunni has enjoined political office holders to imbibe the values of selfless service to mankind.

He opined that the frequency of celebration of electoral victory by politicians is a misplaced priority.

In a chat with The Focus Magazine, the former governorship aspirant said leaders should be more concerned about being celebrated when they leave office rather than being celebrated when they were about to be sworn in into the office.

“When politicians win an election, it is normal that everybody wants to be associated with the winner, hence the barrage of crowd and hangers-on around the winner, hence the noise and rabblerousing of political scavengers. Being celebrated while in office is dangerous because one may not even know whether he is doing the right thing or not”.

“Those who are singing their praise are doing so to get their favour. We must tell our leaders the truth when they are in a position of authority. That is when they truly need our sincere and objective assessments and not psychophantic patronage”.

“These are reasons when they leave office , they find it difficult to acclimatise with their people because they didn’t do the right thing when in office”.

“What is paramount to our people is the dividends of democracy not the celebration of electoral victory. ” It is sweeter when celebrated after you might have left the office”.

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