Dr. Olumuyiwa Adu, an Angel in human form endorses Hon. Orimisan Aiyedatiwa’s gubernatorial ambition

By Apostle kehinde Omoniyi, Ph.D (in view)

Angels are spiritual beings that are widely believed to act as agents or messengers of God. They are sometimes represented symbolically by human forms with wings and long robes which are conventionally whitish.

The term ‘Angel’ was derived from the Greek word, Angelos which is equivalent to the Hebrew word Mal’akh which means ” a messenger”.

They operate, with powers and principles, between the realm of the sacred or holy i.e the transcendent realm and the profane realm of time, space and cause and effect. Primarily, angels are significant in what they do rather than what they are. They have a relationship with their source (God or Ultimate Being).

In Christianity, Angels are benevolent and have assumed a semi-divine or divine status. The hierarchy of angels was said to be extensively developed in the 5th century by Pseudo- Dionysius, the Arepogite. The theology of Angels has undergone many changes since the 5th Century.

In Islam, the Qur’an ( the holy book of Islam), angels are described as spirits of holiness and the faithful spirits who mediate between heaven and earth.

Other religions including those of nonliterate cultures, have beliefs in intermediary beings between the sacred and profane realms.

Angels can be assigned to protect and guard a particular person, group or nation. This belief in tutelary beings can be traced throughout all antiquity.

In our contemporary world, where wickedness reigns with its unabated terror; where inhumanity of man to man has reached unprecedented crescendo, some people are created like angels, in human form, without wings but with wonderful attributes that are difficult to forge.

They are Godsent. They are specifically commissioned to do good. They may not assume divine status but are characterized by deeds that transcend human comprehension. These rare homo sapiens naturally attract admiration, appreciation and envy.

In Akure City, somewhere in western Nigeria, a talent is a practical example of an angel in human form whose heart pumps love and hope to many tributaries that need life. He breathes oxygen to the asphyxiated.

He is Dr Olumuyiwa Adu, a legal luminary and oil magnate whose presence is creating waves of care, inspiration of excellence and decency.

To me, a closer look at him portrays a man who enjoys enormous grace from God, ahead of the tasks and challenges. He understands human psychology with unmatchable accuracy.

The intellectual x-ray of his personality reveals love, honesty, wisdom and intelligence.
According to him, with copious practical manifestations, he was instructed by divinity to leave his comfort zone and relocate to his community that has been clamouring for development and deserved recognition. He is on a mission to cloth the nakedness of the long suffering masses who have been manacled by our oppressive and disorganised system.

His admirer once said to him, ” Sir, if I were you with these affluence and influence, I would be somewhere in Texas, Tokyo or Ontario, far away from this maddening environment, savouring my life quietly to the fullest”.
Probably, That person’s personal experience with the locals must have informed that ‘sincere’ advice.

He smiled and replied ” My foray into politics is not for pecuniary benefits. I am in politics to assist my people with my God -given talents and resources. That is my calling!”
He would always teach his followers with inspiring sermons about success, generosity, mannerisms, discipline and humility.

Dr Adu has joined other progressive forces across Ondo state to team up with the present governor, Hon. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa who is the leading governorship aspirant.

In a superlative declaration of support for Gov. Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa on Friday, Dr Barr. Sylvester Olumuyiwa Adu ( CUBANA), relying on divine instructions, mobilised all his supporters from far and near, in their thousands, to the popular MKO Abiola Democracy Park in Akure to identify with a noble course of Gov. Aiyedatiwa’s ambition not only to win the party primary but to effortlessly win the off- circle gubernatorial election in November this year.

The venue was heavily crowded with party faithful, members of different associations, Nollywood artistes, traditional leaders, community elders, masquerades, traditional dancers and other teeming admirers who are in tandem with Dr Adu’s decision and Gov. Aiyedatiwa’s ambition.

The music to entertain the jubilant attendees was supplied by Dr King Saheed Osupa as well as other indigenous musicians like Orlando Akure, Akure Cultural Troupe and Tosin Ultimate.

Gov. Aiyedatiwa, underscoring the significance of the solidarity rally, squeezed a moment out of his extremely busy schedule for that day, to graciously attend the epochal event.

Impressed by the massive human turn- out, the visibly elated people’s governor acknowledged Dr Adu’s political stature, bravery and stamina and appreciated him for his firm stance despite entreaties from his other co -contestants for similar support.

This one- of- its -kind official endorsement confirmed the huge worth and weight of Dr. Adu within the political hemisphere and the wide acceptability of Gov. Aiyedatiwa by the majority of Ondo state populace.

Governor Aiyedatiwa is a child of destiny whose path to stardom and greatness has been well drafted by his Maker. His gubernatorial ambition has enjoyed unprecedented endorsements from different quarters across the state and from the capital city of Nigeria.

Within a short time in the office as a Governor, Gov. Aiyedatiwa has executed many developmental projects and he has continued to receive accolades globally for his performance, gentility, astuteness, humility, rare loyalty, resoluteness, humane mien, inclusiveness, mental and emotional stability.

Governor Lucky Orimisan Aiyedatiwa would face other aspiring gladiators in the internal contest within the All Progressives Congress ( APC) this Saturday, our support and fervent prayers are for him to succeed.

Ondo state is truly lucky to have a man with enough experience who will consolidate and improve on the extant legacies that will benefit the people.

Apostle Kehinde Omoniyi was the Secretary, Planning Committee on Declaration of Support by Barr. Olumuyiwa Adu for Hon. Orimisan Aiyedatiwa for Governor 2024.

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